Salvete!  I am a teacher with a B.A. in Classics from the University of South Florida, who values being creatively imaginative and detailed-oriented.  I enjoy capturing the artistic nuances of the world through a lens.   
Between work and everyday life, I look to stay creative by delving into different creative avenues.  Photography has always been  my main focus because I enjoy the freedom of editing.
My classical and musical background uniquely influence my passion of photography.  I can be inspired by Latin poetry one day and rock music the next.  I work with a cup of coffee in hand and music on.  
When I do not have a camera in hand, I can be found experimentally baking, fan-girling over a new K-pop song (I am an avid album collector), sitting back with a new book, practicing a new language--now Chinese, or indulging in a cup of coffee.

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